Taiwan Visa

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Updated on 20 Oct 2023

Type of
Visa and document required

Applicant needs to submit:
Visitor Visa

  1. Completed General Visa Application Form & signed application form
  2. Passport (original & photocopy) - Valid for 6 months with blank pages
  3. Two recent coloured passport-size photos
  4. Singapore Issued Pass (Photocopy)
    - PR Identity Card and Re-entry Permit
    - Employment Pass, Work Permit, Long Term Visit Pass
  5. Company Employment Letter (if employed)
    or Latest Bank Statement – 3 months dated from application (Page 1 of consolidate account only)

Visitor Visa (Maid Visa)
Eligibility: Applicant needs to hold a work permit with minimum 1 year validity.

  1. Completed General Visa Application Form & printed and duly signed
    - Please select General Form
  2. International Passport (with minimum Validity of 6 Months) - (Original and Photcopy)
  3. Two recent coloured passport-size photos
  4. Work Pass (Photocopy)
  5. Singapore MOM letter with Employer's name and domestic worker name on it
  6. Guarantee letter to be sign by employer
  7. Employer Passport or Identity Card (photocopy)

Business Visa

  1. Completed Online Application Form & signed
    - Please select General Form
  2. Two passport-size photos in color within 6 months
    - Photo with a white background
  3. Passport (original & photocopy)
    - Minimum validilty for 7 months with blank pages
  4. Singapore Identity Card - Work Permit, EP, PR with re-entry permit
  5. Evidence of business activities
    a) Company's employed & job assigned letter
    b) Invitation Letter
    c) Ongoing letters, trading records (e.g. LC, remittance receipt...etc.)

  6. Details of the contact person in Taiwan name, address, telephone number etc.
  7. Other additional documents may be required during processing
    a)Ticket electronic ticket or proof of a travel agency and hotel information

  8. Latest Bank Statement – 3 months dated from application + Name page (if requested)
  • All Passport Fee:
    Rate per application :
    - Single Entry : $100
    - Multiple Entry : $170

    Optional : Add $10 for 2 way door-to-door service
  • - Taiwan embassy in Singapore only accepts application for traveller with Singapore PR, Work Permit or Employment pass.
    Tourist in Singapore is not allowed to apply through Taiwan Embassy in Singapore.

Processing Time
  • Including day of collection
    - Normal service: 4 working days
Remark Kindly note that the following nationality have to apply in person at the Taiwan Representative Office.
Travel agent cannot represent the following countries for application :

  • Afghanistan
  • Algeria
  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan
  • Cameroon
  • Ghana
  • Gambia
  • India (holder of Identity Certificate only)
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Senegal
  • Somalia
  • Syria
To Apply
  • Documents Submission
    Documents may be submitted to us in the following ways.
    - All documents will be reviewed after we recieved them.
    - Payment will be by PAYNOW, which we will update after we have reviewed all the documents.

      Physical Submission
    1. Door-to-Door Collection :
      Collection available on every Tuesday and Thursday, between 10am to 3pm
      Booking for collection at least 1 day prior to collection date.
      Kindly seal all documents in a envelop and pass over to our courier service.
      We will review the documents once we recieve in office.
      Please email us the following details for pick up.
      - Pick up date :
      - Visa Type : Taiwan
      - Name :
      - Address :
      - Contact No :
    2. Office Drop-Box (24/7) :
      Documents can be drop off at our Drop-off Box outside our office anytime at your convenience,
      and we will review all documents once we are in office and update on missing documents and payment.
    3. In-person Submission :
      We are in office for In-Person submission during office hours as listed :
      Opening hours
      Monday to Friday : 11am to 6pm
      (Wednesday and Friday : till 7pm)
      Saturday : 12-4pm
      Closed on Sunday, Public Holiday

    - All documents will be reviewed on the day of receipt, and we will contact you on any missing documents, and you may follow up via email or watsapp to us.
    - Payment via PayNow will be updated after we review all your documents.
    Note : Please drop off your documents early so that we may review earlier, and you have more time gather missing documents (if required). - Please ensure that all requested documents as per Checklist are in place.
    Any missing documents may result in delay of visa application.

  • Return of Passport
    - Passport with visa will be ready for collection in our office on Return Date from 5pm to 7pm
    - For delivery, we will arrange delivery to you 1 day after Return Date or on a weekday following if it date falls on weekend

Special Note